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Mail client does not work after I install sentora paranoid
Hello admin

I love your script and appreciate your work Wink . So far it's been awesome Smile .
Last night I was testing my Outlook mail client after installing fresh copy of sentora and sentora-paranoid on my testing server. But its not working Huh

So i freshly installed sentora again and connected my Outlook just fine. But when I installed sentora-paranoid again it stopped working. Can you please be kind and guide me in right direction. Angel

sentora-paranoid is a complementary script to bring basic security beyond the default security considerations in the original sentora project, this script is executed AFTER the official sentora_installer script and BEFORE any other package in your hosting server to install basic security packages, all of them needed for a more secured hosting server environment. When reporting a problem, please include all relevant information. Here is a checklist: full sentora_installer and sentora-paranoid versions, e.g. sentora-paranoid-1.0.0-150125; version is logged at startup; which OS is being used; running chroot-ed? version of bash; other information written to the log file at daemon startup time is often useful; a description of the problem;

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