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I was started on my first Parkinson's disease medication some four years ago after I have been diagnosed with the disorder. My symptoms were horrible pain, constant tremors, dizziness, fainting and the list goes on. When my condition was getting worse I was unable to recognize my family members and spent days in some foggy world I can not remember now. I had been confined to bed for nearly a year. In addition some medications I have been put on caused side effects like insomnia and indigestion. Amantadine is much-much better, it drives my worst symptoms away and doesn't cause any side effects. I'm naturally back with this medication. So happy!

[Image: ao4nx8.jpg]

For me Amantadine is like oxygen - essential for life! This medication is the only solution on the market that helps me cope with my Parkinson disease. Provided taken regularly and in accordance with the prescribed regimen, Amantadine produces excellent results. Before this drug I have been on several other medications and they were more or less effective, with certain positive effects. But they make no comparison for Amantadine. With this medication I can control myself almost 100%. No more tremors, no memory lapses, no panic attacks. The difference is so obvious, I would pray for the people who have invented this medication! My doctor is also pleased with the results and he says my case is the most successful in his practice.

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